TLX8 (10 x 10mm)

TLX8 is a member of the TLX LED Flexlines series with monochromatic light to achieve your desired artistic effect. Its exceptionally small physical size and two bending versions allow you to create any custom design applcations and facilitate additional types of applications where a smaller profile is required.

*IP value depends on chosen connector:
IP20: Swivel Connector & Endcap (Field assembly)
Custom made on request:
IP40: Injection Moulded Connector & Endcap (Factory Fitted)
IP65: Dual Injected Moulded Connector & Endcap (Factory Fitted)

Possible Mounting Profiles:
Plastic, Hybrid.

On request, TLX8 is available in Silicone.
TLX8 can also be customized to your specifications with custom length, CRI and Color Temperature.

Download TLX8 catalogue Download TLX8 Specification File